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How to Submit a Request
  1. Check the library catalog to see
    if we own the item.
  2. Read the Copyright Notice.
  3. Login and place your request.

How Long Does It Take?
  • Generally, two to ten days.

  • Articles tend to come more quickly
    as they are delivered electronically.

  • You'll get an email when the item
    is available.

Contact us at (831) 656-7735 / 7782 or

Who Can Use Interlibrary Loan?
  • Current faculty, students (including Distance Learners) and staff of NPS at no cost.

  • Requests must be for material in support of classroom teaching, research, studies,
    or other NPS mission-related tasks.

What Can You Do with It?
  • Request books and articles that we don't own from libraries worldwide.

  • Get library-owned materials delivered to Distance Learning students.

  • Check the status, revise, and renew your requests through your personal account.

  • Learn more about Interlibrary Loan

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Authority: Department of the Navy System of Records Notices (SORNS) NM05070-1: Library Patron File (August 15, 2006, 71 FR 46899)

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Purpose/Routine Uses: The information provided will enable us to communicate logon and general information about the Dudley Knox Library's Services to you. De-identified information provided may be used to compile statistical data. All information provided is confidential.

Disclosure: While voluntary, failure to furnish requested information may result in our inability to provide the requested information or service.

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